Artist’s Statement

Vickie Morrow at WorkI am as passionate about making the tiles as I am about creating the mosaic.  Making the tile for my mosaics gives me one more opportunity to emerse myself in the joy of the process.

There is such great anticipation of the final color of the tile’s glaze, especially when putting one glaze on top of another, or a flash in the kiln to create colors and finishes to be admired, relished and never to be made again.  There is always mystery how one glaze will fill the crevices of a hand stampled tile to creat color contrasts revealing the design and texture.

Most of these random “art tiles” are used to create abstract mosaic assemblages as mosaic paintings, practical trays, back splashes or architectural accents.  Each tile is selected as it relates to color or texture to the next tile, all magically coming together to create the composition.

Tiles for more organized and planned handmade tile mosaic table tops and back splashes are cut from patterns I have designed often for specific projects and use more predictable glazes for the final colors.

The third way I create my handmade tile mosaics is by cutting the design or picture in one large piece of rolled clay working to keep all the puzzle pieces in order through the entire process to the finished mosaic piece.

It doesn’t matter if it is a desert garden scene, a planned continuous pattern or a rich random abstract as the final mosaic piece, when the final mosaic is revealed as the grout is cleaned away there is always a wonder of satisfaction.